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Enabling people to experience and connect with their own joy.

Kinesiology in Melbourne & Woodend

Welcome to Conscious Kinesiology, hi, I’m Renee Mather, Melbourne & Woodend kinesiologist, holistic healer and founder of Conscious Kinesiology.


I do joy, vulnerability and courage. And a good smattering of silliness.


And I help people.

I believe that the ills of the world come largely from the unconscious acting out of trauma and the programming that we absorb from our family of origin, cultural “norms” and the inevitable hurts of life. Leaving us perpetuating unhelpful behaviours or unable to stand up when power is being abused.


I believe that the most effective way to create a safe, harmonious world in which all people have their basic needs met and can begin to thrive is by addressing these unconscious beliefs and moving on from unhelpful behaviour.


With kinesiology I have found a powerful tool to tap into the subconscious to acknowledge these programs, address why they became wired in and replace them with something more helpful, more true and aligned to who we are and what we want our world to be.


I began treating in 2007 wide-eyed and optimistic. I’m still optimistic, despite increasingly complex challenges of our times. I’m married to the sweetest man I’ve ever met, Mum to a cheeky kiddo who loves writing stories and eating ice-cream. I love birdsong in the morning and those coffee scrolls at my local café. And helping people.

My pronouns are she/hers (more on pronouns here)

I live on country of the Dja Dja Wurrung peoples of the Kulin Nation. I acknowledge them as the traditional owners of the land, that sovereignty was never ceded, and pay my respects to elders past, present and emerging. 



Let’s find what’s blocking you and get you moving.


When we change ourselves we change the world.


We journey deep into the core and release it.


It’s in there. Together we’ll get you connected to it.

"Responding to the universal human need for healing"

 - Renee Mather, Kinesiologist at Conscious Kinesiology, Melbourne & Woodend


We are designed to be healthy, fulfilled and thriving.

I believe that helping people heal and grow makes the world a better place.

I also believe that if you offer me 10% off for signing up to your newsletter, you should send me the GOSH DARNED discount code.

I wholeheartedly believe that puddles are for stomping in.

How does Kinesiology work?

Kinesiology accesses information directly from your body and subconscious mind. A skilled kinesiologist will reveal the stress that underlies your symptoms giving you a full holistic picture.

Muscle testing is the key tool of kinesiology and involves reading the subtle changes that occur in muscle tension when a stress is present. It allows us to discover what drives the issues presenting for you and how best to address them. 

This information comes directly from your body, making kinesiology completely patient-centric and therefore very powerful at creating change.

I foster a space where you are safe to share yourself and your story. I help you to find the patterns and draw the pieces together into a cohesive whole. I have found that this conscious insight brings about deeper healing and more permanent shifts.


Your body express itself uniquely. Kinesiology verbalises what your symptoms are crying out, helping you to understand the causal factors and to clear the stress at the root cause.

If your issue is long standing or chronic, sometimes more than one session is required to get to and clear the core. I will encourage you to actively participate in your care and monitor your progress carefully.


Want to know more or have a chat to see if it feels right? Click here to give me a call. Or check out the FAQ.

Or if you prefer instant messaging, click the Let's Chat! button in the bottom right corner of this page.


Know you’ve landed in the right place already?

Excellent. Let’s do it! Click here to book an initial consult.



"I've done therapy, coaching, mentoring, read many personal development books, attended retreats... but the single most powerful thing for my personal and professional alignment, healing and expansion has been kinesiology with Renee. The way she helps me guide myself back home to answers in my body and assists me to unblock and unlock truths has catalysed great change in my inner being and my life."

- Sophie Cheers, Founder & Managing Director

at Humankind Enterprises


"Helping others to recognise & achieve their full potential"

 - Renee Mather, Kinesiologist at Conscious Kinesiology, Melbourne & Woodend

South Melbourne

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 7.42.40 pm.png

I practice upstairs in the gorgeous rooms of Wind Water Health.


Nestled in a leafy pocket of South Melbourne, street parking is readily available and public transport is just a few steps away.

Clinic: 129 Eastern Rd, South Melbourne

Book: Online calendar

Deposit: A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking for all new clients in South Melbourne (more info)

Accessibility: The clinic room is upstairs

Parking: Pay Stay, coin metered and free 1 and 2 hour parking (check out the front of the kindergarten, 97 Eastern Rd for free 2 hr parks)

Transport: Plan your journey

Wind Water clinic pic.jpg
South Melbourne clinic

in Woodend

I practice in the tranquil Woodend Consulting Rooms, a beautiful multidisciplinary clinic with magnificent views of Mt Macedon.

Clinic: 81G High St, Woodend

Booking: via online booking

Accessibility: The clinic room is upstairs

Parking: street parking is available

Woodend Consulting Rooms door.jpg
Woodend, Macedon Ranges Clinic
Online clinic

Kinesiology Online

Did you know that kinesiology can be done via distance? With a blend of surrogate testing, counselled goal setting and supported, self-applied corrective techniques the effects are just as profound as a face-to-face consult.


The Covid-19 lockdowns pushed me to explore this new approach to kinesiology and I have been astonished by how powerful the results have been, so much so that it is now an integral arm of my clinic.

Online kinesiology allows you to experience all the benefits of kinesiology from the comfort of your own private space or from anywhere in the world.

Clinic: Online via Telehealth

Bookings: Online kinesiology bookings

Equipment: All you need is an email address & a device – computer, laptop, iPad, tablet or a phone

Technical issues: I’m here for any tech support you may need

Conscious Kinesiology Online Clinic.jpg

"Reconnecting people with their innate sense of belonging"

 - Renee Mather, Kinesiologist at Conscious Kinesiology, Melbourne & Woodend

Email me

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Or call me
0401 484 417





$196 incl. GST

75 mins



$157 incl. GST

60 mins



$157 incl. GST

60 mins



$117 incl. GST

45 mins

* Kinesiology Rebates


In April 2019 health funds phased out rebates for many allied health modalities including kinesiology. This was due to the Federal Government's decision to no longer offer subsidies to insurance providers for complementary health care. The following day Greg Hunt, the Minister for Health, announced a review of this decision. The review has become completely bogged down in red tape. You can take action here; restore our rebates

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