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Time Is On My Side - a kinesiology balance about my relationship with time

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

All the clocks kept stopping. I replaced the batteries and then a few days later, BAM, time had stopped again. My husband said the clocks were cheaply made. My colleague suggested someone had mixed the old batteries with the new ones.

And I gave myself a kinesiology balance.

You see, it got me thinking about my relationship with time. How I was always rushing, running late and losing time. That’s normal right? I’m a busy practitioner, small business owner, Mum, partner and a myriad of other roles. We’re all rushing around, busy busy busy aren’t we?

Well yes, but this hasn’t always been my reality. My nickname many years ago was ‘Time Swindle’ because no matter what time I left, or what I crammed in, I was always on time. It was my very mild super power. Handy. So what became of ‘Time Swindle’?

I went into the kinesiology balance wanting to let go of feeling as if there's just not enough time and having no sense of the time or its passage. What showed was fascinating.

There was a NEF* (of course there was a NEF!) and I can remember the exact comment that catalysed it. Made by my girlfriend several years ago at her baby shower about how, at almost 40, we are “halfway through our lives”. This (hopefully!) true and off-the-cuff remark inadvertently and unconsciously pulled me into the collective consciousness of rush and lack and time poverty.

Precisely 36 minutes and a few acupoints later and I’m back in my conscious, yummy, spacious relationship with time.

Do you hard relate?! If so, mention it next time we meet up (and I’ll try not to sing “Time Is on Your Side” like I have been through the entirety of my balance!).

*Negative Energetic Frequency, I’ll explain in person.

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